In Paris

I traveled to London and Paris for 8 days this past week. Seeing the business of big cities is like going back to my hometown in Taipei ,Taiwan. In London, the workers in the tourist spots are gentle and understanding, without rushing but encouraging us to take our time.

In Paris, the cheese and vegetables are fresh. The desserts are not so sugar filled like in USA. So we enjoy it more.

However, the crowd on the subway in Paris made me nervous because I read about pocket lifters from YouTubers. So I watched the environment carefully around me and held my purse in front of me. But it happened too quickly without my notice. There was a white couple in the train standing in front of me. The man seemed to protect his pregnant wife with his hand on her shoulder so that I cannot go through between them. I felt pushed from behind so I couldn’t move anywhere.





 After I retreated to a corner to get a spot to stand, I thought about this pregnant woman and offered her my spot for more space. She thanked me but didn’t move. Soon came the next stop and this couple were getting off. Before they exited the door, the woman turned her face to me and smiled at me, saying “Thank you” for my kind gesture to her. 

Right after the crowd was gone, I looked down my purse and found the zipper was halfway opened. My heart sank and immediately checked if my smartphone was inside. I didn’t have cash or credit card in my purse, but the phone was essential to my trip with the airline boarding pass and the photos memory.

I was so relieved to find my phone was still safe in my purse. And I know Jesus listened to many people’s prayer for me to surround me with His angels. 

On the streets we walked a lot, I noticed I sang songs softly from my mouth, which is not usual for me to do in my daily life. I feel the songs are the lullabies Jesus was singing to me and assured me “I am right here with you. Don’t worry.”

I tend to easily get nervous with small shocks. So I know this peace is beyond my personality or any psychological effect. Jesus said His peace for us is a gift that cannot be bought in the world. And I am so glad that Jesus Christ’s peace guards my heart to not be troubled, nor be afraid in any uncertain time or place. (Refer to John 14:27)