Enemy pie

Many unknown enemies chased after me,

Who ran all the way across the ocean to the Big Apple City.

I thought I escaped from the past,

But my wounded heart still haunted me,

Too dark and empty and devastated,

Darkness almost engulfed me.

Until the song I heard in the church balcony,

“How great is Thy faithfulness”,

So off the heavy stone in my heart was dropped,

A new path was opened for me.

I moved to the Midwest, where the colorful summer meets the black-and-white winter.

Welcomed by the first Thanksgiving,

Which becomes my most favorite holiday in this new territory.

The host prepared the big turkey,

So big the leftover was stored in the pot outside on the porch as the natural fridge.

The sweet pumpkin pie was the dessert,

Reminding me of the children’s book, Enemy Pie, I read to the students in my classroom.

The pie was made by a wise father,

Not to poison his son’s enemy,

But to invite him over to taste the sweet friendship.

As I ate more of the sweet pie of heavenly,

Discovering the enemy was the pessimistic shadow following me,

Which made me grumpy, angry, and complaining…

Through many many friends God brought to my life,

Again and again I taste the sweet fruit of their lives,

Which makes me renewed, warm, and gratifying…

No more enemies.