Stop The Evil Through Prayer

For preparing cooking lunch for the church, I went to Costco in the afternoon. While I pushed my shopping cart, “You know what I found?” I heard a male voice nearby. After he repeated speaking that words for three times, I finally lifted up my face to look for that voice after grabbing a bag of apples.

I think everyone needs a prayer.” the man was speaking to me with his eyes focused on me.

I found that my eyes were fixed on his face because he drew my full attention.

“Is he the Christian preacher on Youtube?” I wondered in my mind because I have listened to his preaching on the internet.

Or maybe he just saw the words “Pray more, worry less” written on my T-shirt and only responded to that message. I wondered again in my mind.

“Oh, thank you.” I felt a little bit shy to respond to him because he took time to approach me and talked to me, a total stranger to him.

I walked away but started pondering, “is it possible he traveled from Texas to Minnesota?” “Is he praying for people and I saw his spirit?” I recalled he shared his testimony in one episode that someone he prayed for saw him appearing in front of her.

Or, do I see the angel of God?

And I wish that I should have asked him more about what he meant by “Everyone needs a prayer.”

Just then, someone called me on the aisle of vitamin section. A couple who I used to know in the church came shopping. I remembered that I saw them last time in their house when they had a new born baby. And now the baby grows to be a 15-year-old. They told me that the whole family of four will have a short term mission trip to Puerto Rico. So, I prayed a blessing over them right there.

After a few days, I went on YouTube and left a message about this encounter to this preacher’s YouTube channel. A few minutes later, he responded to me with a message “God destined you for this time.” Is that a confirmation from my recent dream?

In my recent dream, I saw a young person staggering on the street. I tried to get his attention but he still walked weakly and aimlessly without noticing me. Then I saw a big yellow school bus rushing toward him and I didn’t dare to watch. So I closed my eyes tight but imagined what might happen. After that, I turned my head to the direction the bus passed by and opened my eyes. Just like I imagined, he was run over under the big wheels. I saw a person come to help him. And I saw myself kneeling down with deep sorrow and praying fervently for him.

Then I woke up from my dream. I said it to my husband and cried because I don’t know if that could have been anyone I know.

A few days later, I prayed with other mothers in the Moms In Prayer group about this. One lady prayed that I shall stop that bus next time. Her words awoke me as an epiphany of God. There could be a spiritual meaning about the bus as a demon and the young man as anyone who is lost and under evil attack.

“Amen! I shall open my eyes and command that evil attack to Stop through my prayer.” I agreed in my spirit. But I asked God again, “Oh, God, may I have that courage to stand in front of the weak to stop the evil attack.”

As I read this verse after a few days,

“Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me.

Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.” (Psalm 35:1,3)

“It’s Me in you to speak and stop the evil.” I think that God answered my prayer. I just need to pray and let God speak through my prayer. And everyone needs a prayer because God wants to save them through the prayer from the followers of Jesus Christ.

May all the saints rise up to pray for the lost souls. And may those who are in a stumble of distress and depression or under any spiritual/emotional/mental/physical attacks come to Jesus Christ for salvation from the spiritual death to live until eternity. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


A few hours after I finished this writing, an acquaintance called me and told me that she needed to cancel a meeting with me because she has been feeling dizzy and just got a doctor appointment. Oh, I seemed to see that she is staggering on the street of life.

So I prayed for her but I felt burdened by the evil thought: “how long will you be able to pray for her until she receives Jesus Christ?”

Thank God for reminding me to proclaim aloud: It’s Jesus Christ, who is worthy to bear our sins on the cross and His blood has washed her clean and His resurrection from the grave has redeemed her. My work is to speak His truth and His word shall come to be and save this lady’s soul. So, I don’t need to worry if I pray good enough or long enough to carry her sins. Instead, I proclaim the victory God has won for her through Jesus Christ!

I felt so relieved in assurance of victory after I proclaimed the truth. I know God also is training me to push back any evil lies while I am praying to His will.

Thank God for destining me for this time.